An absolute beauty! Maraschino Sour

Regular readers of the site, and fellow drinking buddies know I’ve been pretty big into sours lately.  I had bought some lemons over the holidays to serve up whiskey sours for our guests – and I had a few extras lying around. I have also been trying my own twists and different takes on some classics as well – so I made the following:  Maraschino Sour!

Bourbon Sour Cocktail


3 oz Buffalo Trace Bourbon

1 oz Maraschino Syrup

1 Oz Lemon Juice

.75 oz Egg White

The drink itself was delicious, but what I loved most was how god damn beautiful she looked.  Here is a pic of the foam/froth:

Frothy bourbon sour

To ensure a beautiful frothy foam, make sure you dry shake all ingredients (without ice) as vigorously as you can for about 30 seconds.  Next, add the ice, and shake again for 20 more seconds.  Strain through a fine strainer and enjoy.

You can find other cocktail recipe’s on the “My Bar” tab as well or by clicking HERE


“The Chan Man”

For “Old Fashioned Week” I decided I wanetd to try and create my own version of the classic drink.  I needed some inspiration….

I’ve always looked up to my older cousin. He is now a Canadian Diplomat and an all around amazing guy (even though he once traded me a worthless Pat Falloon hockey card for my Paul Kariya rookie card).
I have since forgiven him, and decided to make a drink in his honor.

I wanted to make a drink that resembled him as close as possible so here it goes:

2 Oz DIPLOMATico Rhum
.25 oz Pure Canadian Maple Sugar
A few drops of Manitoba Made Law Abiding Aromatic Bitters
Topped with an orange twist

Stirred on ice, and strained into an old fashioned glass over a large ice ball. Finished with an orange twist.

My cousin is also known for always wearing formal clothing, ties, suits, etc -even to non formal events…so I decided to stage one photo for him as well:

hockey cards cocktail paul kariya pat falloon rookie cards

Bourbon-Amaretto Sour

Bourbon Amaretto Sour Cocktail

Made a couple of these tasty little treats over the weekend.  I have to admit, I prefer a straight whisky sour, as this one was a bit too sweet for my liking but the two ladies who tried them (my wife and my cousin) seemed to enjoy the sweetness of the Amaretto.

Bourbon Amaretto Sour


I made a few variations, one with a bit more bourbon, and one with equal parts Bourbon & Amaretto.  Obviously I preferred the one with more bourbon.


1 oz Amaretto

1 oz Bourbon  (or more if you prefer)

Lemon Juice (half a lemon)

0.5 oz Egg White

.25 Simple Syrup

Topped with Angostura Aromatic Bitters(pic below)

Bourbon Bitters Amaretto

You can find other cocktail recipe’s on the “My Bar” tab as well or by clicking HERE



Classic Cocktail: Negroni

I can’t believe I haven’t posted a Negroni yet.  I’ve definitely made plenty of these since I’ve been posting some drinks…I guess I Just kept assuming I had already posted one.  Oh well.

Today I noticed I had a bottle of Vermouth in my fridge that has been open for a while, and figured I should probably try and get through it ASAP.  This usually means Boulvardier’s or Negroni’s.  Today I had one of each, but since I’ve already shared my recipe for the former, I decided to post about the latter.

The appeal of the Negroni (besides the taste) is the simplicity.  A standard Negroni would be equal parts Gin, Campari & Sweet Vermouth.  Today I went with the following:

  • 1.5 oz Gin (Beefeater)
  • 1 oz Campari*
  • 1 oz Punt E Mes

*Sometimes I substitute Aperol or do a mix of Aperol/Campari.

You can mix this drink in the glass, or stir in a mixing glass with ice, and strain into a glass (which I did- over a giant ice ball).  I topped with a Grapefruit twist, although I’ve also done Orange & lemon twists as well.

This would typically be considered an apertif – however I really enjoy a Negroni right before bed as well.  Campari has a very distinct bitter taste & smell, (which I love, but I will warn, it seems to be an acquired taste).

Any other Negroni fans?