Booze Reviews

Whiskey & Other Booze Reviews:

In this section of the website, I am going to give my (very amateur) review on different spirits and liqueurs that I taste.  The format will be quite simple, and the hope is – that over time, my palate and descriptions will improve.  Like the rest of this site, this is mostly for myself – to chronicle and document my journey – but hopefully someone else can get some use out of it as well.

Review 1: Knob Creek Small Batch Bourbon.

 Review 2: Makers Mark Bourbon

Review 3: Stagg Jr

Review 4: Four Roses Small Batch

Review 5: Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit Bourbon

Review 6: E.H Taylor Single Barrel Bourbon

Review 7: Weller 12 Year

Review 8: Jefferson’s Reserve Bourbon

Review 9: Barchef Toasted Old Fashioned

Review 10: Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon

Review 11: High West American Prairie Bourbon

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