Canadian Dividend Stocks & Finance

Investing, Whiskey, Cocktails & Other Ramblings.




Canadian Finance Blogs:

All About The Dividends

Canadian Dividend Investing  – Read my Interview with Nelson HERE

Dividend Earner

Passive Canadian Income – Read my Interview w/ Rob from PCI HERE

My Own Advisor

Dividend Income Stocks

Gen Y Money – See my Interview with GYM HERE

Dividend Daze

Roadmap2Retire  – Read my Interview with Sabeel from R2R HERE

Dividend Growth Investing & Retirement

Freedom 35

Smile & Conquer – Read my Interview with Sarah HERE

FI Garage

Don’t Fuck With Donville


Other Finance/Investing Blogs:

Dividend Driven  – Pretty cool leaderboard of a bunch of different bloggers that tracks everyone’s dividends.

Dividend Geek

Dividend Diplomats

WalletSquirrel – Read my Interview with them HERE


Dividend Snail

Pollies Dividend 

Dividends Diversify   – Read my Interview With Tom from Dividends Diversify HERE


DividendStocks.Cash – Dividend Hero List


Other Finance sites I visit Frequently:

Canadian Money Forum   Discussions on everything from Investing, Retirement and Taxes

RockStar Finance Directory – Recently stumbled across this site. Really cool directory of financial bloggers, and more!   Searchable analyst summaries of individual stocks.

MorningStar Canada Great for stock research, analyst opinions, & news.

Business News Network


Cocktails & Drinks:

Cocktail Forum

Bourbon Guy



The Voyageurs – Canada Soccer Fan Site & Forum

Dutch Soccer Site





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