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About Money Maaster

Hi there.  My name is Jordan.  I am 38 years old and live in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  I’ve been married (since 2010) and have 2 awesome kids.  My daughter Holland was born in 2015 and my son Isaac arrived in 2017. We also had a big goofy Newfoundland named Penny (see below) who sadly is no longer with us as of 2020.

cabin penny

I am a big fan of the Winnipeg Jets(had season tickets for the first 8 years), and I am a lifelong supporter of the Dutch National Soccer Team & Canadian Men’s & Women’s soccer teams.  My life revolves around sports, friends, family and drinks.  I love trying new beers, wine, cocktails and especially bourbon.  I have recently added a section to this site to include my journey as I explore and learn more about different cocktails and spirits.

I also love reading about, talking about and debating ideas surrounding wealth, business, investing and politics.  I plan to use this website to help track my own financial goals, rate & review new things I try and jot down random things that pop into my head.

My investment strategy is simple.  I look for solid companies, at an attractive price and hold them for the long term.  I give preference to stocks that pay a safe (sustainable payout ratio) and growing dividend and with a history of earnings growth.

I currently hold individual Canadian stocks in my TFSA, and use my RRSP to hold global index funds, mutual funds and a few select stocks.  You can view my full portfolio here

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