March 2023 Dividend Update. New Buys & Lots of Drips!

Dividend Reinvestment Plan

Dividend Income & Portfolio Update

Personal Highlights

  • After 3 years I finally joined the Covid 19 club.  It knocked me on my ass for a few days – I just slept for about 4 days straight.  It then turned into what felt like a regular cold for another week or so, and now it’s been about a month, and I still feel like I am clearing my throat/coughing a lot, but for the most part I feel 100%
  • Had a couple great dinners this month with friends I haven’t seen in a while.  First we had a couple’s dinner with 2 old co-worker/friends and their wives and this last weekend I got together with 6 friends from High School who started going out for dinners pre covid, but haven’t seen eachother in almost 4 years – so that was a great time.  Had dinner at a cool fusion lounge, then walked across the street to a local brew pub and had some beers. 
  • Our curling season finished up.  Unfortunately due to Covid I missed the year end banquet.  I am curling in a bonspiel this weekend and then that should wrap up curling for the year.  Next year I am hoping to play on 2-3 different teams and get a lot more curling in.
  • Our soccer season (winter/indoor) also finished up for the year, and I also missed our last 3 games/windup due to Covid as well.  I think I am going to take the summer off from Soccer, and play again in the fall/winter.
  • Our dishwasher conked out, and of course there were none in stock anywhere, so we had to (somehow) make do without a dishwasher for about a week.  I absolutely hate doing dishes.  Luckily it was installed last week and so far it’s been working great.
  • The kids got their report cards, and both are doing really well.  Holland is stil in dance, and we are going to register Isaac for soccer in the spring.
  • We’ve started chatting about doing a summer vacation, since this will be the first summer in 12 years without a cabin (and first time since kids).  We are thinking of maybe a road trip out to Edmonton/Calgary/Banff/Jasper as well as maybe a trip down south to Minneapolis or something.  I also have a couple work trips coming up (Florida, New York) over the next few months.
  • The house renovations/updates continued.  We ripped out an old fireplace, installed new floors and painted.  We had a large open space on the wall where the fireplace was – so I finally found some classic teak shelves to fill the space.  This is for a wall between our living room/dining room.  They were supposed to be delivered today but the guy actually contracted Covid, so now he is going to deliver them next week.  Here is what I picked up:
    Mid Century Shelving Unit

Financial Highlights for March:

  • Maxed out both TFSA’s in January!  I am still sitting on some cash in the TFSA, and I made a couple more purchases in March:
    – Added 75 shares of Brookfield Corporation @ $40.67
    – Added an additional 90 shares of RBNK @ $22.66
    – Bought 1000 shares of Propel Holdings @ $6.95
    – Bought 300 shares of Dream Unlimited @ $23.40
    – Bought 345 shares of Berkshire Hathaway CDR @ $23.40
  • All of those purchases were in a Tax Free account except for Berkshire which was in my RRSP.  The purchases will add an additional $661.00 to my annual dividend income.
  • Completed, filed and got my tax return back!
  • Received dividends from 12 companies and 2 funds.  Dripped an additional 80 shares/units. 
    Dripped shares by year:
    2023: 224 (so far)
    2022: 733
    2021: 603
  • Almost 70% of my income this month was 100% Tax Free!  April should also be a decent month as a few of my larger holdings pay dividends such as: Couche Tard, Algonquin Power, Equitable Group, Goeasy, Power Corp, Telus & Transcontinental! 

Passive Income Update For March 2023.


Diversified Royalty Income: $34.04 (dripped 10 shares)

Artis Reit: $52.70 (dripped 6 shares)

European Residential Reit: $24.08 (dripped 7 shares)

RBNK: $102.22 (dripped 4 shares)

BAM: $35.60

Brookfield Corporation: $31.53

Canadian Western Bank: $0.32

Western Forest: $26.94 (dripped 23 shares)

Fortis: $113.00 (dripped 2 shares)

First National $80.00 (dripped 2 shares)

Manulife: $393.84 (dripped 15 shares)

Nexus Reit: $15.89 (dripped 1 share)

Canadian NET Reit: $10.81

TFSA’s Total: $886.93


Canadian Equity Income Distribution: $403.49 (dripped 10 units)

RRSP Total: $403.49

Total Passive Income March 2023:  $1290.42*

*68% of this was 100% Tax Free!

2023 Portfolio Update:

Portfolio dropped over 4% to $575,108.15.   

Dividends in March were up  were up 39% YoY compared to last March!  

Current forward dividend income is $18,695.00.  This is the first time my projected annual dividend income crossed $18,000!



4 thoughts on “March 2023 Dividend Update. New Buys & Lots of Drips!”

  1. Where are you sourcing your new furniture, online, local stores? I also like that midcentury modern style but I’m in Ontario and prices between retailers are so variable. Love your picks though!


    1. Hi Alana

      Mostly from local shops that specialize in vintage/MCM, and a bit on facebook marketplace. I also got my dining room table/chairs from

      Not sure where you are in Ontario, but I remember looking on facebook Marketplace and seeing a ton of great options in Toronto for chairs, tables, etc. I am sure there are way more options than here in Winnipeg..hah

      I got my lamps from Epoca Haus here in Winnipeg and my Huber Chair and Wall Shelves from Apartment 521. Both of these places are on Instagram:

      Hope that helps. Good luck in your search for furniture!


      1. Oh these are great options, thanks for the tip. I am in TO but I’m eyeing a move to the prairies so trying to keep my eye open to different sources. I would hate to pay full price here, then end up having to sell for less than cost or worse yet, pay a ton more money to move big items cross country. Hope you enjoy your picks!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Really well done on your forward dividend income of +$18k. That is very respectable (I was at $15k in 2022, but this year’s May I should be getting about $8k already as I invested quite a bit mid/late last year). Love the pic of your doggy! Keep up stacking – you are on a great way! Cheers from Singapore, Noah


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