March 2023 Dividend Update. New Buys & Lots of Drips!

Dividend Income & Portfolio Update

Personal Highlights

  • After 3 years I finally joined the Covid 19 club.  It knocked me on my ass for a few days – I just slept for about 4 days straight.  It then turned into what felt like a regular cold for another week or so, and now it’s been about a month, and I still feel like I am clearing my throat/coughing a lot, but for the most part I feel 100%
  • Had a couple great dinners this month with friends I haven’t seen in a while.  First we had a couple’s dinner with 2 old co-worker/friends and their wives and this last weekend I got together with 6 friends from High School who started going out for dinners pre covid, but haven’t seen eachother in almost 4 years – so that was a great time.  Had dinner at a cool fusion lounge, then walked across the street to a local brew pub and had some beers. 
  • Our curling season finished up.  Unfortunately due to Covid I missed the year end banquet.  I am curling in a bonspiel this weekend and then that should wrap up curling for the year.  Next year I am hoping to play on 2-3 different teams and get a lot more curling in.
  • Our soccer season (winter/indoor) also finished up for the year, and I also missed our last 3 games/windup due to Covid as well.  I think I am going to take the summer off from Soccer, and play again in the fall/winter.
  • Our dishwasher conked out, and of course there were none in stock anywhere, so we had to (somehow) make do without a dishwasher for about a week.  I absolutely hate doing dishes.  Luckily it was installed last week and so far it’s been working great.
  • The kids got their report cards, and both are doing really well.  Holland is stil in dance, and we are going to register Isaac for soccer in the spring.
  • We’ve started chatting about doing a summer vacation, since this will be the first summer in 12 years without a cabin (and first time since kids).  We are thinking of maybe a road trip out to Edmonton/Calgary/Banff/Jasper as well as maybe a trip down south to Minneapolis or something.  I also have a couple work trips coming up (Florida, New York) over the next few months.
  • The house renovations/updates continued.  We ripped out an old fireplace, installed new floors and painted.  We had a large open space on the wall where the fireplace was – so I finally found some classic teak shelves to fill the space.  This is for a wall between our living room/dining room.  They were supposed to be delivered today but the guy actually contracted Covid, so now he is going to deliver them next week.  Here is what I picked up:
    Mid Century Shelving Unit

Financial Highlights for March:

  • Maxed out both TFSA’s in January!  I am still sitting on some cash in the TFSA, and I made a couple more purchases in March:
    – Added 75 shares of Brookfield Corporation @ $40.67
    – Added an additional 90 shares of RBNK @ $22.66
    – Bought 1000 shares of Propel Holdings @ $6.95
    – Bought 300 shares of Dream Unlimited @ $23.40
    – Bought 345 shares of Berkshire Hathaway CDR @ $23.40
  • All of those purchases were in a Tax Free account except for Berkshire which was in my RRSP.  The purchases will add an additional $661.00 to my annual dividend income.
  • Completed, filed and got my tax return back!
  • Received dividends from 12 companies and 2 funds.  Dripped an additional 80 shares/units. 
    Dripped shares by year:
    2023: 224 (so far)
    2022: 733
    2021: 603
  • Almost 70% of my income this month was 100% Tax Free!  April should also be a decent month as a few of my larger holdings pay dividends such as: Couche Tard, Algonquin Power, Equitable Group, Goeasy, Power Corp, Telus & Transcontinental! 

Passive Income Update For March 2023.


Diversified Royalty Income: $34.04 (dripped 10 shares)

Artis Reit: $52.70 (dripped 6 shares)

European Residential Reit: $24.08 (dripped 7 shares)

RBNK: $102.22 (dripped 4 shares)

BAM: $35.60

Brookfield Corporation: $31.53

Canadian Western Bank: $0.32

Western Forest: $26.94 (dripped 23 shares)

Fortis: $113.00 (dripped 2 shares)

First National $80.00 (dripped 2 shares)

Manulife: $393.84 (dripped 15 shares)

Nexus Reit: $15.89 (dripped 1 share)

Canadian NET Reit: $10.81

TFSA’s Total: $886.93


Canadian Equity Income Distribution: $403.49 (dripped 10 units)

RRSP Total: $403.49

Total Passive Income March 2023:  $1290.42*

*68% of this was 100% Tax Free!

2023 Portfolio Update:

Portfolio dropped over 4% to $575,108.15.   

Dividends in March were up  were up 39% YoY compared to last March!  

Current forward dividend income is $18,695.00.  This is the first time my projected annual dividend income crossed $18,000!