February 2023 Dividend Update. Slow month…

Dividend Income & Portfolio Update

Personal Highlights

  • Since selling the cabin, we’ve got to work on a lot of the house renovations we said we were going to do.  New roof – done.  New floors – done. Rip out old fireplace – done.  We also picked up some new furniture.  One of the last things is to get the place re-painted.  We’ve started this and the whole job should be done this week!
  • The kids had a school concert – it was Isaac’s first ever and they both did great. 
  • Holland had her first ever sleepover party at a friends house last weekend, everyone survived and had a great time!
  • Took two of my oldest friends (I’ve known them since grade 1) out for their 40th birthday dinners. We went to Nola and it was great! 
  • We have one curling game left before the season ends – and just a couple soccer games before the winter/indoor season comes to an end.  I guess spring is actually around the corner!
  • My little man got glasses(photo above)!  Apparently he has a slight astigmatism in one eye.  He loves them so far, and sounds like the issue could correct itself. 

Financial Highlights for February:

  • Maxed out both TFSA’s in January!  I am still sitting on some cash in the TFSA’S, and I made a couple more purchases in February:
    – Added 400 shares of First National @ $38.43
    – Added an additional 100 shares of Fortis @ $53.90
    These 2 purchases add an additional $1186.00 to my forward annual dividend income.
  • I also decided last minute (like VERY last minute, on the final day) to dump an extra $6500 into my RRSP.  I know I said I was going to start investing LESS, but due to the capital gains on the cabin sale and potential tax liability, I decided this one year it would make more sense to dumb some additional money into the RRSP.  I haven’t invested it yet – but will most likely just add to my position in XAW.
  • Received dividends from 6 companies and  funds.  Dripped an additional 38 shares/units. 
    Dripped shares by year:
    2023: 144 (so far)
    2022: 733
    2021: 603
  • February is my lowest dividend month each year – but I was able to increase my dividends by 12% vs last February.

Passive Income Update For January 2023.


Diversified Royalty Income: $33.84 (dripped 10 shares)

Artis Reit: $52.45 (dripped 5 shares)

European Residential Reit: $23.31 (dripped 6 shares)

RBNK: $92.91 (dripped 3 shares)

Power Corp: $125.24 (dripped 3 shares)

Nexus Reit: $15.84 (dripped 1 share)

Canadian NET Reit: $10.81

TFSA’s Total: $354.40


Canadian Equity Income Distribution: $402.41 (dripped 10 units)

RRSP Total: $402.41

Total Passive Income February 2023:  756.81*

*46% of this was 100% Tax Free!

2023 Portfolio Update:

Portfolio dropped slightly by 1.25% to a $602,432.18!   

Dividends in February were up  were up 12% YoY compared to last February!  

Current forward dividend income is $17,934.00.