March 2022 Dividend Update

Dividend Income & Portfolio Update

Personal Highlights – March 2022

  • Canada has qualified for the World Cup!  We learned our group fate today as we were drawn with Belgium, Croatia & Morocco.  I absolutely cannot wait until November when the tournament kicks off. 
  • I had a bunch of doctor/specialist appointments in March – including a visit to a cardiologist & a nerve specialist.  The good news is – everything looked good with the heart.  The nerve specialist was a follow up from a sports injury that took place about a decade ago.  I suffered a Pan Plexus injury along with a dislocated shoulder and broken humerus – though let me tell you there was nothing humours about it – HEYO!  The shoulder and bone injuries actually weren’t bad – but the nerve damage was (and is) the worst thing I’ve ever experienced.  I had absolutely no feeling or movement in my arm for weeks, and although it eventually came back – I still have nerve pain/tingling and my left arm gets tremors when doing certain things/in certain positions.  I am now getting an MRI on my shoulder, and he said I shouldn’t rule out the potential for a shoulder replacement at some point…good times.
  • My daughter ALSO had an appointment with her cardiologist.  She was born with a small hole in her heart which causes a bit of a murmur.   The good news is – it looks like the whole (while still there) hasn’t grown, and they don’t need to check up on her again for TEN more years!
  • I’ve booked my first trip (kind of) since covid started. This will be a work trip – but exciting nonetheless.  I will be heading to New York for a conference and some meetings – and it will be my first time there.  As a huge cocktail/whiskey guy – I am hoping to check out PDT Cocktail & Death & Co. bars while there.
  • I was supposed to go to a concert at the end of March (The Darkness), but I came down with a cold a few days beforehand (not covid -i’ve tested so many times).  It may have been a blessing in disguise, as 2 of the guys (one being my brother) I was supposed to go to the show with ended up getting covid from the concert.  My cold/sinus thingy is still lingering, but definitely feeling a bit better these last few days.

    Financial Highlights for March:
  • Regular readers will know I’ve been really focusing on maxing my TFSA out this year.  As of January 1st, I had $29,614 contribution room available.  In the first 3 months of the year I’ve been able to contribute $14,347.  I am hopeful by the end of the year I’ll have this maxed out.  Once this is maxed out – we will focus on maxing out Amber’s(she has 50k+ room) and once that is done – we can start seriously looking at paying off house/early retirement.  I will write a longer post on this “plan” in the coming months.
  • In March alone, I contributed $7987.27 to my TFSA.  Our tax refund combind with regular (and additional) deposits made this possible.
  • Added an additional 121 shares of Brookfield Asset Management $BAM to my TFSA @ $67.64
  • Added an additional 70 shares of Manulife $MFC @ $25.40
  • This was the first month ever Amber’s TFSA received more dividends than mine (Thanks Manulife & Intertape Polymer Group)!
  • Received dividends from 11 companies and 2 funds.  Dripped an additional 41 shares/units.  Last year I dripped a total of 603 new shares.  So far this year I have dripped 155 shares in the first 3 months!
  • Intertape Polymer Group looks like they are going to be acquired for $40.50.  I have 775 shares (mixed between RRSP & TFSA) at an average price around $20.00.  Once the deal goes through – I will put that money to use buying most likely more XAW & Manulife.
  • This year I’ve received dividend increases from: Manulife, Equitable Group, GoEasy, RBNK ETF & European Residential Reit.  I also received one dividend CUT – which was New Flyer.

Passive Income Update For March 2022.


Diversified Royalty Income: $28.92 (dripped 9 shares)

Artis Reit: $49.75 (dripped 3 shares)

European Residential Reit: $7.52 (dripped 1 share)

RBNK: $60.78 (dripped 2 share)

Western Forest: $20.91 (dripped 9 shares)

Canadian Western Bank: $0.30

Brookfield Asset Management: $13.81

Nexus Reit: $15.25 (dripped 1 share)

Canadian NET Reit: $10.64

Manulife: $162.36 (dripped 6 shares)

Intertape Polymer Group  $58.93

TFSA’s Total: $429.17


Canadian Equity Income Distribution: $385.82 (dripped 10 units)

Intertape Polymer Group: $107.14

RRSP Total: $492.96

Total Passive Income March 2022:  $922.13*

*I believe EQB (Equitable Bank) was supposed to pay out this month, but it hasn’t hit my account yet – so I’ll add that to next month’s total. This would have pushed me over $1000 for March – oh well.

2022 Portfolio Update:

Portfolio increase 4.32% to a new all time high of $566,366.46!  

Dividends in March were up 52% compared to last March!!!  Last year (2021) I received $14,022 in dividends.  So far in 2022, I have received $3351.14.  My forward 12 month dividend income is sitting at $14,137.00  That doesn’t include any year end/special distributions.  I am hoping to get $18,000 by year end.

How was your March?  Stay safe out there & Go Canada!