August 2021 Update: Vacation, Birthday, soccer And of course dividends!

Soccer Canada

Dividend Income & Portfolio Update

Personal Highlights – August 2021

  • What a month.  It didn’t rain basically all summer – until I took my holidays.  We spent the about 8 days up at the cabin, and although the weather didn’t cooperate fully – we still had a blast.  It was also my (38th) birthday so a couple of drinks may have been had as well 🙂
  • We took the kids to a new petting zoo/farm just north of the cabin.  It was pretty cool – they had horses, ponies, chickens, goats, bunnies, Llamas a pig and more.  It was basically a big free for all and you could just walk up to and pet anything.  My daughter (5) loved it – my son (4) refused to touch a single animal..but he said he had fun….haha
  • It’s been a hell of a month/Year for Canadian Soccer.  The Women are Olympic champions and the Men begin their World Cup Qualifying campaign this week (3 games in 8 days).  They play Honduras, USA & El Salvador in this window.  If I am feeling ambitious I may do a quick preview and/or recap of the games.  Needless to say this is BY FAR the most excited I’ve been for Canadian (mens) soccer in my entire lifetime.  We have a legit shot at qualifying for the World Cup and we have some absolute World Class players (finally)!
  • It’s getting to that “busy parent” time of the year.  We just signed up both kids for soccer starting in 2 weeks, and have Holland’s Grade 1 orientation next week – while Isaac goes back to preschool next year.  With Holland going to school full time this year – and only part time daycare – one financial positive is it will save us $300+/month in daycare fees.  The plan* is to put it all directly into the TFSA.
    *In reality it will probably go to bourbon, wine, kids clothes and whatever is left MAY make it into the TFSA.
  • My little man finally got a haircut (much needed).  Before & After pics below:
    Back to school haircut
  • I’ve decided to try and supersize my savings/retirement plans.  I’m not sure exactly how long I’ll be able to stick to this – but the goal is to continue all my bi-weekly contributions (maybe even up them slightly) PLUS add the full monthly child benefit AND the bi-weekly savings from daycare into the TFSA(s) as well.  We typically get a decent tax return as well – which I plan to dump almost the whole thing into the TFSA as well.  Although my TFSA value is sitting around 80k I still have contribution room left ($35-$40k) and the wife has a ton of room – so hoping to max mine out ASAP and then really focus on hers.  

  • We’ve been eating pretty good lately (not healthy…just good) haha.  Steaks, Pasta, Pork Chops, Shrimp and lots of wine! I’ve been trying to experiment a bit more with cooking as it’s never been a strong suit of mine- but so far so good.    A few meals from the month(wife made the pasta):Screen Shot 2021-08-31 at 8.44.17 PM
    Red Wine

Financial Highlights for August:

  • Purchased an additional 101 shares of Manulife in TFSA bringing my total share count to 352.  At the current share price, this will allow me to drip 4 shares per quarter.
  • Purchased another 119 shares of RBNK which is an ETF that holds the 6 major Canadian Banks and pays a monthly dividend.  I now have 483 shares and will probably continue to add here and there.
  • Continued bi weekly payments into the spousal RRSP, and TFSA(s)
  • Still sitting on about 20% cash in my RRSP.
  • Got dividends from 6 companies and 2 funds.  Dripped an additional 24 shares/units.
  • On pace to not have a single month under $500 in dividend income for the whole year. Assuming I deploy the cash in my RRSP by January 1st 2022, I am hoping next year I won’t have a single month under $1000.

Passive Income Update For August 2021.


Diversified Royalty Income: $25.21 (dripped 9 shares)

Artis Reit: $41.90 (dripped 3 shares)

European Residential Reit: $7.86 (dripped 1 share)

RBNK: $25.48 (dripped 1 share)

Interrent Reit: $4.50

Nexus Reit: $14.88 (dripped 1 share)

Canadian NET Reit: $9.40

TFSA’s Total: $129.23


Canadian Equity Income Distribution: $371.18 (dripped 9 shares)

RRSP Total: $371.18

Total Passive Income August 2021:  $500.41

Portfolio Update:

My portfolio (including cash position) stayed pretty steady at: $535,700.52.  I am still sitting on about 20% cash in my RRSP – which I plan on being patient with and waiting to see what happens over the coming months.  

Hope you had a great month.  If you aren’t already on the Canada Soccer Bandwagon…GET ON IT!  First game is Thursday vs Honduras!




3 thoughts on “August 2021 Update: Vacation, Birthday, soccer And of course dividends!”

  1. Sounds like a great month. Happy belated! Man sports in general for Canada is exciting.. Look at tennis right now, them jays and of course the leafs start up soon. Fun times!

    Your saving a tonne by the looks of it, 1k a month will be fantastic. Go get it!

    keep it up Jordan


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