quick update! A sell, A buy & watchlist updated!

Just a VERY quick update. For the sake of transparency – I always like to try and post when I buy or sell a stock. Today I closed a position in one of the stocks I’ve held for quite some time. I sold all my shares of Plaza Reit. This was actually one of the first stocks I ever owned, and although I ended up making a profit on these shares, and the monthly dividend was nice to see hitting the account each month – truth be told the annual returns have been sub par. I’ve been wanting to add some Canadian Banks to my portfolio and was torn between which one to add, so I ended up using the proceeds and buying 363 shares of RBNK. This is an ETF that has just 6 holdings (All 6 of the big Canadian banks). The best part is, it pays a monthly dividend, and I’ll have enough to drip 1 additional share each month!

I still like Plaza Reit, and may consider adding it again on dips. I could definitely see myself moving back into Plaza in retirement as well when monthly cashflow will be more important – but for now, I am much more comfortable holding the big Canadian Banks, and I believe they will outperform Plaza (by quite a bit) over the next 10 years.

Stocks on my current watchlist are:

  • Equitable Group (do not own)
  • Metro (do not own)
  • Manulife (recently added to my position)
  • GoEasy (currently own)
  • CCL (do not own)
  • CP Rail (do not own)
  • Empire (do not own)

With the recent purchase of Manulife and now RBNK, the TFSA’s are pretty empty as far as cash reserves go – so I’ll be slowly adding cash until I am ready to make another purchase (thinking EQB will be next).

In the RRSP, I am still sitting on quite a bit of cash, and will be looking for some US companies to nibble on. Ideally I’d like to see a dip and either up my position in XAW, or start positions in: Visa, Disney, Microsoft.



June Update: Double Vaxxed & portfolio milestone!

Dividend Income & Portfolio Update

Personal Highlights – June 2021

  • As of tomorrow morning it will be 14 days since my second vaccine.  By now most people I know have got their second doses (or are scheduled to get it done this month).  Things are slowly opening up, hospital capacity is getting better and there is finally some light at the end of the tunnel!
  • We’ve been making it out to the cabin most weekends, and we had our first official “playdate” with one of the kids’ friends from daycare.  It was lots of fun and with restrictions opening up, hoping to do some more soon.
  • We had our ELEVENTH wedding anniversary!  We weren’t really able to do much as things were still locked down, but we had some dinner and wine at the lake, and I’m sure once we are allowed/comfortable we will head to one of our favorite restaurants to celebrate properly.
  • The housing market is absolutely insane.  Based on recent sales our cabin is now worth (at least) double what we paid for it.  It’s tempting to list it and invest a ton/put the money down on the house but the kids would disown me…plus we have been REALLY enjoying our time out there lately.
  • I treated myself to 2 new jerseys for the upcoming Gold Cup & World Cup qualifying games (happening in July & September).  They came in the mail this month 🙂
    Canada Jersey
  • My daughter finished kindergarten, so now we will be back to a bit of a “normal” routine for the summer.  Starting in September she will be in school full time, so that should also cut our daycare fees down quite a bit!  Here she is on her first & last day of school :).
    Screen Shot 2021-07-06 at 9.59.25 PM

Financial Highlights for June:

  • Added to my position in Greenlane Renewables.  Picked up an additional 20,000 shares in my RRSP!
  • Still sitting on about 25% cash in my RRSP.
  • Got dividends from 11 companies and 2 funds.  Dripped an additional 43 shares/units.
  • Missed out on a huge dividend payment from XAW (since I sold earlier this year) and am still waiting to decide how I want to use the cash.  It sucks not seeing that $1500+ dividend hit the account, but on the plus side…..my portfolio (including cash position) reached another all time high – and a bit of a milestone.  I cracked $500,000 in June, and ended the month with a portfolio value of just over $507,000!

Passive Income Update For June 2021.


Diversified Royalty Income: $24.89 (dripped 10 shares)

Artis Reit: $41.60 (dripped 3 shares)

Plaza Reit: $32.13 (dripped 7 shares)

European Residential Reit: $7.84 (dripped 1 share)

Interrent Reit: $4.50

Canadian Western Bank: $0.29

Western Forest: $20.61 (dripped 10 shares)

Nexus Reit: 14.77 (dripped 1 share)

Fronsac Reit: 9.40

Intertape Polymer Group: $52.80

Manulife: $42.00 (dripped 1 share)

TFSA’s Total: $250.83


Canadian Equity Income Distribution: $368.90 (dripped 10.7 shares)

XAW: $8.59

RRSP Total: $377.49

Total Passive Income June 2021:  $628.32

Portfolio Update:

My portfolio (including cash position) increased another 2.87% in June to a new record high: $507,24729.  I am still sitting on about 25% cash in my RRSP – which I plan on being patient with and waiting to see what happens over the coming months.  I put a little bit of it to work adding to my position in Greenlane Renewables when it dipped.

So far in the first 6 months of 2021 I have received $5844.14 in dividend income compared to $6200 in 2020! This is the first time I fell behind compared to last year.  The dip is 100% due to the sale of XAW. 

Hope you had a great June – and hope you are all ready to cheer on Canada in the Gold Cup starting July 11th!