February Update: Meh – No Motivation

Dividend Income & Portfolio Update

Personal Highlights – February 2021

  • I’m not gonna lie the last month or so has really been weighing on me.  I haven’t been keeping up with the news, barely logging into twitter, and have had no motivation to write anything on here.  This will be a quick to the point update…
  • I had my first official even with the Winnipeg Whiskey Club at the end of February.  It was a blast.  I made it a goal to broaden my whiskey horizon and this definitely helped me do that!  It was a peated scotch event.  We had samples from six different peated scotches, including a couple heavy hitters.  I ranked them in the following order:
    1- Port Askaig 25 Year
    2- Edradour/Ballechin Cuvee
    3- Bruichladdich Octomore
    4- Amrut Peated
    5- Paul John Edited
    6- Scotch Malt Whisky Society 16.41
  • Things are slowly starting to open up here in Winnipeg.  So far, I haven’t gone to any restaurants or anything, but I have had my brother and mother over for dinner/drinks.  Looking forward to the vaccine rollout to start ramping up, and getting back to normal.  

    Financial Highlights for February:
  • Completed & filed my tax return today.  I was waiting on one last document which came today.  I used Simpletax which I have become an absolute fan of, and highly recommend to everyone!  We are getting a decent return, which will be used to pay for the yearly cabin taxes, yearly preschool cost and the rest will be dumped into the TFSA.
  • Added to my position in Greenlane Renewables.  Picked up an additional 852 shares at $2.17
  • Still sitting on a bunch of cash in my RRSP (from the sale of my XAW shares).  Waiting another couple months to see what happens before buying back in.
  • Finally set up a direct investing RRSP account for my wife, so we can move over some old group RRSP to this account and have everything in one place.
  • 2 of my holdings; Nexus Reit & Greenlane Renewables both graduated to the TSX (from the venture)!
  • Got dividends from 7 companies and 1 fund.  
  • Lots of good news/results coming in lately.  Artis, Western Forest, Chorus, Go Easy to name a few.  Algonquin Power reports tomorrow as well.
  • Portfolio reached an all time high (again).  At this point it’s almost not worth mentioning. The market makes no sense.

Passive Income Update For February 2021.


Artis Reit: $32.45 (dripped 3 shares)

European Residential Reit: $7.76(dripped 1 share)

Plaza Reit: $31.40 (Dripped 8 Shares)

Diversified Royalty: $24.22 (dripped 10 new shares)

Interrent Reit: $4.50

Power Corp: $104.27 (dripped 3 shares)

Nexus Reit: $14.58 (dripped 1 New Shares)

TFSA’s Total: $219.18


Canadian Equity Income Distribution: $364.29 (dripped 11.896 shares)

Total Passive Income February 2021:  $583.47

Portfolio Update:

My portfolio (including cash position) increased another 5.31% in February  to a new record high: $457,763.30.   I am currently sitting on about $140,000 in cash in my RRSP which as discussed earlier will be plunked back into XAW eventually.

Hope you had a great February.