January 2021: New Dividend Record & I did something crazy…

Timing the market

Dividend Income & Portfolio Update

Personal Highlights – January 2021

  • I joined the Winnipeg Whiskey Club for the 2021 year with my brother and another friend.  We had our first virtual tasting last week which was a nice entry to the club.  It was a Bowmore tasting, where we sampled the Bowmore 12, Bowmore 15 & Bowmore 18 year expressions.  I made it a goal to try and broaden my horizons this year as for as Whiskey goes.  I am a big time bourbon lover – and joining the Whiskey Club should allow me to really try a ton of scotches to help achieve this goal.
  • We are still in code red in Winnipeg, however restrictions have been slightly lifted, as we are now allowed up to 2 designated people in our houses.  This means the kids were finally able to sleep over at Grandmas house again for the first time in months (and they had a blast).  We probably enjoyed it more as we got to sleep in and watch a ton of TV.
  • I’ve been continuing with my mini fitness kick.  I’ve been consistently running between 3-4 miles per day 5 days a week, and have cut out all pop, candy, chocolate, etc during the week.  I’ve also cut back my drinking as much as reasonably possible (mostly just weekends), with the occasional “cheat day” for wine with dinner.  As of last check I was down about 18 pounds!
  • Hockey is back!  With everything going on in the world, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to get as excited about it as normal, but it didn’t take long after the puck drop and watching the Jets to get right back into it.  We also had our annual hockey pool draft which was (obviously) done virtually.  My team is off to a decent start (it helps when you have McDavid) , but it’s a long season and it’s been a few years since I’ve had my name on the trophy.
  • I picked up a couple new bottles to add to the collection in January.  High West Campfire Whiskey & Highwest Bourye.  I haven’t tried them yet, but looking forward to opening these.  These were snagged from a private liquor store in another province, since we unfortunately don’t  have access to any high west products in Manitoba.
    High West Bourbon Rye Scotch

    Financial Highlights for January:

  • I did something kind of crazy.  I debated if I should even post it on here or not – but what the hell.  On January 18th, when protestors were storming the capitol building and someone was shot, I had a feeling things were gonna get ugly fast. I ended up selling my entire position in XAW (5199 shares) for just over $161,000.  My thinking was if things get crazy, markets might tank and I can rebuy in at a lower price – and if not, worst case scenario, I’ll just buy them back in a few weeks.  I know it’s dumb to try and time the markets, but something just wasn’t sitting right with me.  That said, the next couple days XAW continued to rise and I started thinking I made a big mistake.  Then the Gamestop/WallStreetBets fiasco started to unravel.  I am still sitting on most of the cash from the sale, and my plan is to still rebuy shares of XAW, but I am okay sitting on some cash right now as things continue to be crazy in the markets.  I did actually use some of the cash to pick up 600 shares of Alimentation Couche Tard when it dropped 10% on the news of a possible deal.  I plan to write a more in depth post about my decision to sell XAW (for now) and when I plan to rebuy into it. 
  • Made 2 stock purchase.  I picked up 600 shares of Alimentation Couche Tard @ 37.10, and 1213 shares of Greenlane Renewables @ 2.38.  The purchase of Couche Tard adds an additional $210.00 to my annual dividend income.  The XAW sale will reduce my dividend income by around $3000 – though in reality, as long as I buy back before June, I won’t miss out on any dividends.
  • Had my all time highest dividend income month in January, and first time cracking $2000!
  • Got dividends from 12 companies and 2 funds.  Including first every distribution from new holding Nexus Reit.  Dripped a total of 100 new shares/units!
  • Started getting my info together for tax time.  Hoping to get a fairly decent return and will put the majority of it into TFSA.

Passive Income Update For January 2021.


Telus: $56.64 (dripped 2 shares)

Canadian Western Bank: $0.24

Artis Reit: $37.87 (dripped 3 shares)

European Residential Reit: $7.81(dripped 1 share)

Plaza Reit: 31.22 (Dripped 8 Shares)

Algonquin Power: $182.65 (dripped 9 shares)

Diversified Royalty: $24.05 (dripped 10 new shares)

Interrent Reit: $4.50

Nexus Reit: $14.49 (dripped 7 New Shares)

TFSA’s Total: $359.47


XAW: $1181.42 (dripped 32 shares)
Go Easy Financial: $123.75
New Flyer: $59.29 (dripped 1 share)
Transcontinental: $202.05 (dripped 9 shares)
Canadian Equity Income Distribution: $363.03 (dripped 12 shares)

Total Passive Income January 2021:  $2289.01

Portfolio Update:

My portfolio (including cash position) increased another 1.23% in January to a new record high: $435,305.98.   I am currently sitting on about $140,000 in cash in my RRSP which as discussed earlier will be plunked back into XAW eventually. Due to the temporary sale of XAW my forward dividend income dropped below $10,000, however I expect this to be back closer to $13,000 once I repurchase my shares of XAW.  The only cash I’ve used from the sale of XAW so far was to purchase 600 shares of ATD.B.  Ideally, the price will drop enough that I will be able to rebuy the same amount of shares of XAW I held previously, and the 600 new shares of Couche Tard will be icing on the cake.  This was the first time cracking $2000 in passive income, my previous record was $1884.84.  

My trailing 12 month return (excluding contributions) was 11.825%.  

I don’t have anything too high on my watchlist right now, however I’d like to add to my positions in Telus and Manulife this year if they drop.  I am still hoping to see dividends reinstated for Western Forest and a dividend raise from Artis Reit, Algonquin & Power Corp in 2021 as well.

Hope you had a great January. 




7 thoughts on “January 2021: New Dividend Record & I did something crazy…”

  1. Great month man and congrats on surpassing 2k that’s amazing…

    See that McDavid goal last night vs the leafs? end to end and a sweet goal. That guys fun to watch!

    Crazy about the xaw sale but makes sense. I see alot of people talking about selling at the moment.

    Love that algonquin payment, I want to increase our holdings in them for sure – renewables will do great this decade.

    keep it up and nice job losing 18 lbs too!



  2. Thanks man…Mcdavid is seriously on another level – it’s not fair…hah

    The XAW sale will be short lived I’m sure. Something in my gut just told me to sell that day…knowing full well I could rebuy anytime between now and June and not miss any dividend payments – and the stock price shouldn’t change too much (upwards)…but the chance of a big drop seems a lot more likely.

    It worked out well as far as timing goes too – because ATD.B dropped 10% a couple days after I made that trade, so I grabbed 600 shares.

    One more drip from Algonquin and ill be over 1000 shares – already my largest Tax Free Account holding – up 80%…not too bad at all!


  3. Hey Max! Seems like a great month to me! How do you feel now about XAW? You could have been $5000 higher by now! I know, timing the market is the worst thing to do but I try to not buy / sell that amount of shares in one month specially as it is an ETF. But I get the point. Market is reaching new highs daily makes all of us wonder when the bigger crash will come. Haha.
    How is your ATD.B doing?

    Enjoy your dividend income.


    1. Not sure who MAX is – but thanks for stopping by 🙂

      I still think we are due for a big correction eventually. The plan was to always buy XAW back – hopefully at a much reduced price.

      I’m super happy with the ATD.B purchase, and see a lot less downside risk than with XAW at these prices.

      Best case scenario is XAW dips in the next few months so that I can grab the same amount of shares I had and basically get the ATD.B shares for free. Time will tell. Worst case – I rebuy and current prices, and end up with a few hundred less shares – though im 100% okay sitting with a decent sized cash position for right now


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