March Update: Everything Sucks Edition

Dividend and Passive Income Report

Personal Highlights – Covid 19 Edition:

  • The last couple weeks (although they feel like years) have been absolutely insane. I’d say words can’t describe how I am feeling, but I don’t have to describe anything, you are all living in this same crazy world too.
  • Basically everything is finally closed except essential services, our kids have been home with us for a couple of weeks, while we both work from home.  I’d be lying if I said it was easy.
  • We always kind of looked forward to the couple hours at night after the kids are asleep – but now this precious time has become even more sacred.  The first week of the lockdown was pretty rough, but as the weather got better, so did our state of mind.  We set up the patio furniture, spent hours and hours in the back yard, had our first couple of Barbeques (and beers on the patio).  Things were finally looking up….and then we got a fuckin’ blizzard. So this next week is probably going to be pretty damn tough again.
  • I’ve started hosting Friday night Google Hangouts drinking nights with a group of friends.  I figure since we can’t all get together in person this is a nice alternative.  In fact, it’s actually allowed us to see some friends we hadn’t seen in months, so at that’s nice at least.  Plus we all get really drunk, and usually end up drunk debating about politics, how to solve world issues or threatening to kill eachnother….good times.
  • The kids seem to be coping with everything okay so far.  They can’t wait until “the germs are gone” and they can have sleepovers at grandmas.  (We can’t wait either) 🙂
  • I posted about some hopefully possible positives that could come from the Covid 19 pandemic.  You can read that post HERE
  • I also had what I thought was a brilliant idea on how to help reward some of the essential workers out there. You can see that tweet HERE


  • Financial Highlights for March:

  • Increased bi weekly contributions into TFSA & Spousal RRSP (though I have a feeling we will have to drop this again to save up some more cash in case of layoffs/pay cuts due to Covid).
  • Got our tax returns back, and transferred $3000 of it into TFSA.  Haven’t made a purchase yet.
  • It looks like our mortgage rate has dropped from 2.8% to 1.7%.  I am not 100% sure, but based on their online portal it looks like payments will be the same, but amortization will drop by 3+ years.  I’ll find out on Friday when the next payment comes out.
  • Due to massive drops in stock prices, the amount of shares I was able to reinvest in went up on most companies.  I was even able to drip a share of CAE for the first time.
  • Received a dividend increase from Power Corp.  Received dividend cuts from: NewFlyer & Diversified Royalty
  • I was paid dividends from 10 companies, and 1 funds in March.  I dripped a total of 84.74 new shares/units.
  • Received dividend increases from Transcontinental, Diversified Royalty Income and the Canadian Equity Income Fund.
  • Portfolio dropped in value by $70,000 and is now at its lowest point since September 2017.

Passive Income Update For March 2020.


Diversified Royalty: $17.69(dripped 5 shares)

Artis Reit: $27.99 (dripped 2 shares)

Western Forest: $45.02 (dripped 48 shares)

Interrent Reit: $4.29

Canadian Western Bank: $0.29

Plaza Reit: $29.28 (dripped 7 shares)

Power Corp: $88.29 (dripped 3 shares)

Chorus Aviation: $19.48 (dripped 4 share)

Intertape Polymer Group: $58.27

TFSA’s Total: $90.77


Canadian Equity Income Distribution: $349.09 (dripped 14.74 new units)

CAE: $26.84 (dripped 1 share)

Total Passive Income March 2020:  $666.53

Portfolio Update:

My portfolio currently sits at: $286,610.61.  This represents a drop of 19% from last month.  I’m not going to harp too much on this massive loss. These are crazy times. Everyone is down.  My long term plan hasn’t changed. Everything sucks right now, but we will find a way to get through this.

Passive income in March was $666.53.  Of course with the way things are right now my passive income for March was 666….hail satan?

With a couple dividend cuts my forward income dropped below my $12,000 goal. Currently my forward dividend income is sitting at: $11936.99

I hope everyone is staying safe, and sane out there.




8 thoughts on “March Update: Everything Sucks Edition”

  1. Ouch I guess everything did suck in March. Tough weather out there…hang in there, spring is around the corner. Things are looking pretty good here in Ottawa, with daily temps now hovering around the highs of 10-12C.

    Looking forward to see what you will be buying going forward. Keep it up!



  2. March was a rough month. Hah, $666 in dividend income. Is it a sign?

    My portfolio dropped about 17% from last month too. So painful.


  3. Haha nice post. Love the image.

    666 the number of the beast! Great totals and I’m sure you will surpass your goal for the year anyways. Those drips themselves will probably surpass it.

    Drinking the corona at times like this? You got balls…. Haha! Enjoy the time with family, 9 months from now there may be 3 kids……. ahhhhh! lol

    Life’s not all that bad.
    Stay healthy, cheers man


  4. Ouch, yea everything did suck in March didn’t it? A drop of 19% portfolio value sucks but it’s not a drop for just you, everyone’s portfolio value dropped in March.


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