3 Canadian Female Fintwits to Follow This International Women’s Day

International Women's Day

Sunday March 8th is International Women’s Day here in Canada.  I figured the best thing I could do to celebrate this is to share 3 of my favourite female blogs/twitter accounts.

So let’s get to it!



dividends investing finance canada gen y money GENYMONEY.ca

Gen Y Money and I have a bit of a friendly competition going each month to see who will out earn the other in dividend income.  Aside from that, she also runs one of the more popular finance blogs in Canada, with posts that range everywhere from monthly dividend reports to comparing credit card reward programs to travel hacks.  We are also both still stubborn stock holders of the seemingly always disappointing Power Corporation.  I thoroughly enjoy reading her site, because of the wide range of topics it covers, and she sometimes does deep dives into Canadian stocks as well.  She is also super friendly, helpful and active on social media so give her a follow on TWITTER 



Sarah smile and conquer investing dividends

Sarah is from Alberta, is a huge Oilers fan, and runs the website Smile & Conquer.  Although she is mostly anonymous, we know she works in finance, loves to travel, and is a great resource for anyone looking for budgeting, money saving or investing tips. She recently went on a couple trips that looked amazing, which I know about because I also follow her on INSTAGRAM.  Sarah become an instant favourite of mine after she participated in my “Better Know A Blogger” series, where I interviewed a bunch of personal finance people to get to know a little more about their personal lives.



Bridget Casey

You probably already know about Bridget, as she runs, what is probably the most successful financial site in Canada (Money after Graduation).  I’m not here to talk about that though, because I actually prefer following her personal account on twitter, where she is a lot more open, blunt, and political.  Alt right need not apply…. 🙂

Give her personal account a follow here


To all the men – remember to be extra kind to all the ladies out there, not just tomorrow but every day.






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