Monthly Dividend & Portfolio Update


Personal Highlights for May:

  • Holland started playing soccer (if you can call it that).  It’s been a pretty big gong show so far, but she is only 3, and most of the other kids are 5.  Hoping next year is a bit more “soccer” and lot less “running off the field crying”.  Here she is day 1 of soccer with her coach (me) giving her a pep talk:
    Soccer Canada Winnipeg
  • I finally made it out to my brothers farm (he recently purchased 160 acres of land – with the goal to one day retire/live off the land).  I helped out with some gardening and got a wicked sunburn.  You can check out his farm progress HERE
  • Got a patio set and sandbox for the backyard, so we have been spending a LOT of time outside.  We also opened up the cabin, and plan to spend a couple weekends out there soon too.  Summer also means PIMMS!  I had my first (of many) Pimms Cup’s last week.  It’s honestly one of the most refreshing summer cocktails ever.  You can see my recipe HERE
  • Had a nice quiet mothers day.  The wife and I have been big Game Of Thrones fans, so decided to get her with this t-shirt for Mothers Day
    Game of Thrones Mothers Day Shirt

Financial Highlights for May:

  • Continued bi weekly payments into spousal RRSP  (30 units of US Equity Index Fund) and TFSA
  • Got dividend Raises from Power Corp & Algonquin Power
  • Diversified Royalty finally made another acquisition (Mr.Mike’s steakhouse)
  • Paid dividends from 5 companies, and 1 fund.  Dripped a total of 19 new shares.
  • Was a very slow month for dividends, but June should be a nice one (close to $1000) with Power Corp, Western Forest, Intertape Polymer and XAW all paying.

Passive Income Update For May 2019.


Diversified Royalty: $9.84 (dripped 3 shares)

Artis Reit: $27.09 (dripped 2 shares)

Interrent Reit: $2.49

Plaza Reit: $27.88 (dripped 6 shares)

Chorus Aviation: $11.48 (dripped 1 share)

TFSA’s Total: $ 78.78


Canadian Equity Income Distribution: $230.51 (dripped 7.615 new units)

Total Passive Income May 2019:  $309.29

Portfolio Update:

Portfolio dropped by about 3% and is back to where it was 2 months.  I expect a lot of volatility until the Trump/China Fiasco is behind us.  In the meantime, i’ll just keep plugging away.

Total passive income in May was $309.29.  This is down slightly(9 dollars) from last May (due to Artis’ dividend cut).

My portfolio currently sits at: $328,552.00.  This represents an increase of 6.39% YoY.

Thanks for reading, Cheers!