January 2019 – Dividend Update

January Dividend Update

Monthly Dividend Update

January was a pretty good month all around.  The blog smashed the all time visitor record, the markets recovered a bit, and I scored some tickets to a limited release bourbon tasting (which takes place next week!)

Personal Highlights for January:

  • Highest all time visits to the web page
  • I officially sent the letter to my Winnipeg Jets ticket rep telling them I won’t be renewing my season tickets.  I’ll be writing a future post explaining why in more detail.
  • Started using the treadmill a few times – haven’t set any goals, and don’t have any plans to run any marathons – but feels good to get on their and burn some calories.
  • On the booze side of things – tried a few new bottles (Stagg Jr, Knob Creek) and wrote up my first couple reviews.  I am very excited to attend my first ever bourbon tasting next week.  I also entered a lottery for a chance to win a few bottles from the Buffalo Trace Antique collection
  • The kids are both doing great.  Isaac is starting to say a few more words, and Holland is becoming a bit more difficult – but in a good/fun way.  She enjoys a healthy debate, and is always trying to compromise.
  • Started getting some tax receipts…Should have everything in the next month or so, and then can file my taxes 🙂
  • It’s been -50 with the windchill the last few days, so we haven’t got outside much – but here is a pic from one of the “warmer” days
    Winnipeg Winter

Financial Highlights for January:

  • Continued bi weekly payments into spousal RRSP  (30 units of US Equity Index Fund)
  • I was paid by 7 companies and 1 funds.  I Dripped 30 new shares/units.
  • Portfolio jumped back up over 6% – though still below all time high
  • Dripped another ELEVEN shares of Algonquin – Love that company! Hoping for another dividend increase this year:)
  • Cashed in my RBC reward points from my credit card for a $500 voucher to be deposited into my TFSA.

Passive Income Update For January 2019.


Diversified Royalty: $9.62 (dripped 3 shares)

Canadian Western Bank: $0.26

Artis Reit: $26.73 (dripped 2 shares)

Interrent Reit: $2.49

Plaza Reit: $27.32 (dripped 6 shares)

Algonquin Power: $152.47 (dripped 11 shares)

Chorus Aviation: $11.32 (dripped 1 shares)

TFSA’s Total: $230.21


Canadian Equity Income Distribution: $227.36 (dripped 7.9 new units)

Total Passive Income Jan 2019:  $457.57

Portfolio Update:

My portfolio jumped back up 6.58%. My portfolio currently sits at $308,441.55

Dividends grew by $38.51 compared to last January. This represents an 9% increase.

I currently have just under $3000 sitting in cash in my RRSP account. I’ve been researching a few companies to deploy that cash – but may also just add to my position(s) in XAW or the CAD Equity Income Fund.

Thanks for reading, Cheers!

5 thoughts on “January 2019 – Dividend Update”

  1. nice Man.

    yeah its been freezing here. Dogs a husky and she dont even wanna go out.

    solid work on the dividend front, so many drips like always.

    got to love all those algonquin drips man.

    keep it up


  2. Looks like a nice start to 2019 in terms of your portfolio and blog stats. Keep blogging and buying quality dividend stocks. Clearly you are doing the right things!


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