Review # 2 – Makers Mark Bourbon

Whiskey Review Bourbon

Whiskey Review # 2

I am extremely new to this, so take it easy on me.  I intend to come back to most of these, multiple times and re-review them, to see if my tastes have changed, or if certain batches are better than others.  Each review will follow the same template, and include a score.  Please enjoy responsibly 🙂

Date Reviewed: Jan.26

Method/Location: in a Glencairn glass, neat @ home, while watching the NHL All Star game.

Distillery: Makers Mark

Mash: 70% Corn, 14% Malted Barley,  16%Red Winter Wheat 

Age: 5 years & 9 Months (According to Google)

Type: Bourbon

ABV%: 45%

Price I Paid: $42.99

Appearance:  Golden brown.  The color reminds me of the inside of a Caramilk chocolate bar.

Nose:  Very sweet – with hints of vanilla & brown sugar.  Almost zero ethanol.  Very faint hints of wood – but mostly just very sweet – scents – like a candy shop.

Palate: First thing I taste is oak – but followed very quickly by thick, syrupy taste.  There is very little – to zero burn.  The corn is standing out – like if you drank a bit of the liquid atn the bottom of a can of corn.

Finish: Very smooth – no burn.  Something is lingering for quite some time (not in a bad way)- not sure if it’s the oakiness or the wheat.  Even after a couple of minutes, it still feels/tastes like there is a thick corn syrup in my mouth that I need to chew on.

Conclusions:  Very sweet and sugary.  Essentially zero burn.  This would be a great introductory bourbon.  Although my experience is limited – It doesn’t seem too complex – though that may be what makes it such a popular easy drinking bourbon.  Goes well in most cocktails, and an easy, enjoyable sipper.  Always available, reasonably priced, will keep this one stocked in home bar.

Overall Score:  84/100       


2 thoughts on “Review # 2 – Makers Mark Bourbon”

  1. Nice review. I don’t mind Maker’s but it’s not usually on my shelf at home. Have you tried Buffalo Trace? Probably my favorite mid-shelf sipping bourbon, and great in cocktails. However, for the price, I usually go with Old Grand Dad in my old fashioned’s.


  2. I’ve got a couple bottles of Buffalo Trace in my bar – it’s probably my go to casual bourbon i use in cocktails.

    My Bourbon collection/obsession just started recently – but i’ve got my collection up to about 25 bottles now – and I am attending a fine/rare bourbon tasting event next week with a chance to buy some Pappy/BTAC etc…so fingers crossed.

    I’ve never had Ol’ Grand Dad – it’s not available here (the Government controls our liquor stores, so we can only get what they carry…which sucks..but on the plus side – we only ever pay MSRP)


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