Review # 1 – Knob Creek Small Batch Bourbon.

Knob Creek Small Batch Bourbon

Whiskey Review # 1

Welcome to my first ever official “Booze Review”.  I am extremely new to this, so take it easy on me.  I intend to come back to most of these, multiple times and re-review them, to see if my tastes have changed, or if certain batches are better than others.  Each review will follow the same template, and include a score.  Please enjoy responsibly 🙂

Date Reviewed: Jan.21

Method/Location: in a Glencairn glass, neat @ home.  After a few sips, added 2 drops of water and finished.

Distillery: Knob Creek

Mash: 75% Corn, 13% Rye 12% Barley

Age: N/A

Type: Bourbon

ABV%: 50%

Price I Paid: $45.50

Appearance:  Amber and burnt orange.  Teak: While the glass was sitting on my teak coffee table, I found it to blend in through the glass.

Nose:  Brown sugar right away, followed by a strong dose of ethanol.  After a few swirls, hints of cherry coke, vanilla and almost a rhum like sweetness.

Palate: First thing I picked up on was the heat/burn which was felt all the way down to the belly.  A bit of spiciness.

I added 2 drops of water, and tasted again.

This time the burn (though still there, was more pleasant).  Tasted more woody/oaky.

Finish: The finish felt long for me, and was fairly harsh – the entire body felt warmed up.  After two drop of water the finish although still long was a lot more enjoyable with less burn.

Conclusions:  Very spicy & strong.  In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have started with a 50% ABV.  If I am being honest, I wasn’t a huge fan of this bourbon – although it was much better with 2 drops of water.  Next time I will try it with a large ice cube.  Although this wasn’t a personal favorite on it’s own, I think there is potential for this to work really well in some cocktails (which I will be trying soon).

Overall Score:  60/100       

With 2 drops of water: 65/100


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