For “Old Fashioned Week” I decided I wanetd to try and create my own version of the classic drink.  I needed some inspiration….

I’ve always looked up to my older cousin. He is now a Canadian Diplomat and an all around amazing guy (even though he once traded me a worthless Pat Falloon hockey card for my Paul Kariya rookie card).
I have since forgiven him, and decided to make a drink in his honor.

I wanted to make a drink that resembled him as close as possible so here it goes:

2 Oz DIPLOMATico Rhum
.25 oz Pure Canadian Maple Sugar
A few drops of Manitoba Made Law Abiding Aromatic Bitters
Topped with an orange twist

Stirred on ice, and strained into an old fashioned glass over a large ice ball. Finished with an orange twist.

My cousin is also known for always wearing formal clothing, ties, suits, etc -even to non formal events…so I decided to stage one photo for him as well:

hockey cards cocktail paul kariya pat falloon rookie cards