Some Big News Pending…


I just realised this is my first post in a month.  I’ve been pretty sick for going on 2 weeks now, and my head is just finally starting to become a bit more clear.  Now on to the news…

We have officially accepted an offer on our cottage (pending financing gets approved).  This is of course a little bittersweet, as we truly love going out there, and have enjoyed it tremendously over the past 6+ years.  That said, we bought the place before we had kids, and the size/layout just aren’t ideal anymore with two little ones running around all over the place.

We still aren’t sure if/when we will get another place – but I’d be lying if I wasn’t a little excited to get some fresh capital to inject into the markets.  Last month I did a summer stock screen (I’ll do one more this month, and then really dig into a few of the companies).  In case you missed the last screen, the companies at the top of the list were:

  1. Exco Technologies
  2. Equitable Group INC
  3. Canadian Tire Corp
  4. Richelieu Hardware Ltd
  5. CCL Industries
  6. Andrew Peller Ltd
  7. CAE Inc
  8. Enghouse Systems Limited
  9. Canadian Western Bank
  10. Dollarama
  11. Methanex Corp
  12. Alimentation Couche Tard
  13. TD Bank

Exco is already up 12% since I wrote the last article:(

Aside from pumping a little more into the TFSA(s), we are looking forward to using some of the proceeds to  do some minor renovations at home, put a little bit more into the kids education fund and perhaps get a weekend away somewhere.

So long cabin life….until we meet again.

Here are just a few of my favourite pics from the last couple years out there…

cabin penny.png

Isaac Dad Beach

cabin croq.png


cabin pics holland winnipeg

I’ll be back next week with my August update!  Have a great long weekend!


5 thoughts on “Some Big News Pending…”

  1. Hey Jordan, welcome back dude. You have been missed. I hope you continue to feel better.

    I can imagine the double emotions. If I look at those pictures I can imagine fond memories. But at least you will always have those.


  2. Welcome back! Getting sick sucks, especially in the summer. Just a new stage in life where the cottage doesn’t suit your lifestyle anymore and it has to go. The cottage does look good. Hopefully, when you’re ready to get another one, it will be even better. A weekend getaway sounds like a good plan!


    1. Thanks Dis!

      Definitely – I am pretty confident we will eventually get another one – and just like buying your first house, you learn certain things to ensure you have for the next I think the 2nd will be much better 🙂


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