A Man’s Gotta Eat! Cheap Frozen Lunch Edition.

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I am not your typical “frugal” blogger.  My retirement/saving plan has never been extreme frugality, or sacrificing everything you enjoy for a few years to ensure early retirement.  My philosophy has always been – life is short – enjoy as much as you can afford to – but make sure you always pay yourself first to ensure you don’t HAVE to work forever.

This brings me to today’s post. Although I still spend way too much at restaurants, bars, and on entertainment – one area I have actually done a good job cutting back my spending over the past year is by bringing lunches to work 4 days a week.  For about 8 years straight, I would go out for lunch every single day.  Aside from the cost savings – I have found that there are actually some pretty enjoyable frozen lunches that are easy to make/cheap.  I figured I’d use today’s post to showcase a few of my favourite frozen/ready made lunches and see if anyone else has any suggestions.  I will not be including sandwiches – because most mornings I am too lazy/rushed to make them and I wanted to keep it fair across the board.  So without further Ado….

My top 4 Value Frozen lunches.


 1- Stouffers Bistro Crustini Meatball MozzerelaValue Investing Dividends Frugal Blog Personal Finance

So far my personal favourite.  This one can be found on sale at Walmart or Superstore for $1.88.  It includes two crustini’s and is fairly filling.  What makes it great is the sauce & the crust.  I’ve also tried the Turkey Bacon Club – and although still pretty good – does not compare to this one.

2 – Swanson’s Fried Chicken

Swanson Frugal Dividend Investing Blog

I’ll be the first to admit, I always though these TV dinners would be gross – but I never actually tried them.  I decided to give these a shot about a month ago because they were on clearance.  I was able to find them for $2.00 each so I tried a few different varieties.  So far I have tried the Turkey Dinner, Fried Chicken & Stuffed Turkey.  While all of them were actually surprisingly good – the Fried Chicken one was the best.  This chicken is somehow tastier than KFC/Chicken Delight.  These meals are also nice, because unlike a pizza pop or something – you get a bit of vegetables (usually corn or beans).  When on sale – you can’t go wrong for $2-3 each.  Another great thing about these compared to pizza pockets, crustinis, etc is they are more filling.  The brownie/apple or cranberry treats are never really great – but the rest of the meal makes up for it.

3- El Monterey Chimichanga



These things are GOOD!  Even better if you have some sour cream/Salsa or hot sauce around.  I don’t get these as much as the others for the simple fact I don’t have my Costco membership anymore and that seemed to be where I could always find them.  I plan on renewing my membership soon, so I’ll probably be chowing down on some of these bad boys again in the coming months.

4- No Name Pizza Pockets

Frugal Blog Investing Dividends Finance Jordan Maas

If you like Pizza Pops but have never tried these – you are missing out.  The pepperoni one is my favourite, and these no name brand pockets are better than any other pizza pocket/pop I’ve tried.  You can get 8 of them for 4 bucks – which for me works out to $2.00 per meal.  I find the dough and sauce to be better than a Pilsbury Pizza Pocket.  The only downside with these (for me) is that they sometimes wont fill me up. These pair great with some potato chips or jalapeno cheezies!
I am always looking for new quick and easy lunches to try, and if they are on sale or cheap even better.  If you have any suggestions on others to try – let me know!

8 thoughts on “A Man’s Gotta Eat! Cheap Frozen Lunch Edition.”

  1. Nice Jordan

    I have had the bistros and no name pizza pockets. Dunno if the meatball are the kinds i had.

    Unforetunately i dont have a microwave at work, so its cold leftovers over sanwiches!


    Heres hoping the jets do good. Got them, the leafs, Pittsburgh and nashville as my main picks of teams and players for the playoff pool.


  2. I’d probably rank a good homemade sandwich above all of those – however I find sandwiches are hit and miss. Gotta make sure you get a nice fresh loaf of bread (or buns) and unfortunatley my Butcher shop where I get my sandwich meat from is closed Sunday/Monday so sucks for loading up for the week…I also wanted a fair comparison of simple heat up and eat type foods..hah

    As for the Jets – hot damn I am excited. Got my playoff tickets in the mail last week – will be at every home game….hopefully right up to to the final!


  3. Quite an assortment. I’m more of a sandwich guy for lunch, but any of these would do well with a couple beers on a Friday night. Yeah. That’s an exciting start to my weekend.


  4. Used to love the no-name pizza pockets as a kid, haven’t had one in like 20 years though.

    I’m surprised you can economically get enough food from these though, I’d probably eat 4-6 pizza pockets for lunch without a problem.

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  5. LOL Jordan! No offence, but you should learn to cook! These frozen lunches must be packed with salt and other additives. Homemade food is so much better. Cook in big batches to have your lunch ready in advance.


  6. Hah – I do cook – and don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying these things are the best thing in the world… but realistically don’t have time to cook with leftovers EVERY day – so when you are in a pinch – might as well get something good for a bargain 🙂


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