October 2017 Update!

Happy Halloween.  Here is my quick update for October.

Personal Highlights for October:

  • With the delivery of our kitchen table & chairs, we now have all of our furniture in the new house.  I still need to buy an area rug, coffee table and some curtains, but we are almost 100% settled in.
  • Closed up the cabin for the winter.
  • Kids Update:
    Holland had her annual heart appointment. She was born with a small hole in her heart which caused a heart murmur.  The doctors told us we would need to take her once a year to get it checked out for the next 8-10 years, however at this appointment they said it seems to be getting better (closing on its own) so we don’t need to go back for 3 years now:)
    Isaac turned 6 months this week.  He is a little tank, I swear he is almost as heavy as his big sister already(See below)isaac 6 months

Financial Highlights:

  • Closed my line of credit. Officially debt free (not including mortgage)
  • Put $15,000 into Amber’s TFSA and bought her first 3 stocks (CHR, ATD, ITP)
  • Continued bi weekly payments into RRSPs & Spousal RSP.
  • Closed my position in OneReit as my remaining shares were bought back by the company.
  • Cashed in some of my credit card reward points for a $600 voucher to my RRSP.  Once I get the voucher I will deposit this into Ambers Spousal RRSP.
  • Amber’s TFSA/RRSP are now over $18,000.  (They didn’t exist 5 months ago)

Now on to the fun stuff.

Passive Income Update For July 2017.


Diversified Royalty: $8.94 (Dripped 3 new shares)

Artis Reit: $49.05 (Dripped 3 new shares)

OneReit: $17.10  (Got paid out)

Plaza Reit: $24.39 (Dripped 5 new shares)

Algonquin Power: $102.05 (Dripped 8 new shares)

Caledonia Mining: $19.35 (Unfortunately RBC doesn’t allow this company to drip)

TFSA Total: $227.55  


Canadian Equity Income Distribution: $206.50

Total Passive Income July 2017:  $434.05 

Portfolio Update:

With the contributions to Amber’s TFSA, my continued bi weekly contributions and this seemingly never-ending bull market our portfolio hit an all time high: $286,105.62

It’s going to be tough, but I am still hoping to hit 300k by December 31st.  I am hopeful my Global Equity fund will pay out a nice distribution in December which should help.  This was also the 4th month of 2017 with over $400 of passive income.



6 thoughts on “October 2017 Update!”

  1. Looks like a solid update for the month of October. Nice to be debt free (almost). Good news about Holland too. Keep collecting those dividends and building up that passive income stream!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Guys! Now that the house move is complete, I’ll get a good sense of what the new bills/payments will be and should be able to figure out how much I can afford to put aside for new purchases.


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