Happy Halloween.  Here is my quick update for October.

Personal Highlights for October:

  • With the delivery of our kitchen table & chairs, we now have all of our furniture in the new house.  I still need to buy an area rug, coffee table and some curtains, but we are almost 100% settled in.
  • Closed up the cabin for the winter.
  • Kids Update:
    Holland had her annual heart appointment. She was born with a small hole in her heart which caused a heart murmur.  The doctors told us we would need to take her once a year to get it checked out for the next 8-10 years, however at this appointment they said it seems to be getting better (closing on its own) so we don’t need to go back for 3 years now:)
    Isaac turned 6 months this week.  He is a little tank, I swear he is almost as heavy as his big sister already(See below)isaac 6 months

Financial Highlights:

  • Closed my line of credit. Officially debt free (not including mortgage)
  • Put $15,000 into Amber’s TFSA and bought her first 3 stocks (CHR, ATD, ITP)
  • Continued bi weekly payments into RRSPs & Spousal RSP.
  • Closed my position in OneReit as my remaining shares were bought back by the company.
  • Cashed in some of my credit card reward points for a $600 voucher to my RRSP.  Once I get the voucher I will deposit this into Ambers Spousal RRSP.
  • Amber’s TFSA/RRSP are now over $18,000.  (They didn’t exist 5 months ago)

Now on to the fun stuff.

Passive Income Update For July 2017.


Diversified Royalty: $8.94 (Dripped 3 new shares)

Artis Reit: $49.05 (Dripped 3 new shares)

OneReit: $17.10  (Got paid out)

Plaza Reit: $24.39 (Dripped 5 new shares)

Algonquin Power: $102.05 (Dripped 8 new shares)

Caledonia Mining: $19.35 (Unfortunately RBC doesn’t allow this company to drip)

TFSA Total: $227.55  


Canadian Equity Income Distribution: $206.50

Total Passive Income July 2017:  $434.05 

Portfolio Update:

With the contributions to Amber’s TFSA, my continued bi weekly contributions and this seemingly never-ending bull market our portfolio hit an all time high: $286,105.62

It’s going to be tough, but I am still hoping to hit 300k by December 31st.  I am hopeful my Global Equity fund will pay out a nice distribution in December which should help.  This was also the 4th month of 2017 with over $400 of passive income.