Looking for feedback on a few stocks!

It feels like forever since I’ve been in a position to make a purchase.  The house sale has officially closed, funds have been transferred, and I have a bit of cash to play around with in one of the TFSA Accounts.

I’ve spent the last couple days narrowing down my potential buy(s).

These are the stocks that have caught my eye:

XTC – Exco Technologies

  • Current Price: $9.93
  • Currently yields 3.22%
  • Trading at almost 30% discount to 52 week high
  • Have consecutively increased dividend 11 times
  • Strong EPS growth

ADW.A- Andrew Peller

  • Current Price: $11.65
  • Currently yields 1.55%
  • Trading at almost 12% discount to 52 week high
  • Have consecutively increased dividend 11 times
  • Payout ratio under 30%
  • Strong earnings growth last 5 years

ATD.B – Alimentation Couche Tard

  • Current Price: $58.69
  • Currently yields 0.61%
  • Trading at 16% discount to 52 week high
  • Low Yield, but have raised it and lots of room to grow it
  • Very low payout ratio
  • Strong earnings growth last 5 years

ITP – Intertape Polymer

  • Current Price: $19.19
  • Currently yields 3.5%
  • Trading at 35% discount to 52 week high
  • Payout ratio creeping up

CAL -Caledonia Mining

  • Current Price: $7.47
  • Currently yields 4.70%
  • Trading at 68% discount to 52 week high
  • Profitable low cost producer
  • Recently moved to NYSE – should get more exposure


Just a couple notes:

I’ve had my eye on Andrew Peller,Couche Tard & Exco for some time – they seem to finally be trading at reasonable prices.

I already own some Caledonia, and have been looking for point to increase my position.

I do not know much about ITP – however they kept showing up in my stock screen, so thought I’d dig a bit more into them.

My stocks are purchased via RBC direct investing.  Not all stocks are eligible to be dripped via RBC.  Of the 5 listed above only ATD.B is eligible to DRIP which is fairly annoying.

If you have any thoughts about any of the stocks listed above – I’d love to hear.




4 thoughts on “Looking for feedback on a few stocks!”

  1. I don’t know about any of these stocks but I would like to throw in my suggestion of junior lithium mining stocks.

    Lithium is used in a lot of batteries, and specifically electric car batteries. The demand for electric cars is going to shoot up exponentially in the coming decade.

    The main three lithium mining companies (ALB, SQM, FMC) have such a crazy high stock price that it makes no sense to invest with them, that leaves the juniors.

    I own shares of OROCF, GALXF, LIXXF, NMKEF. Others I am looking to purchase – and cobalt miners included – are LACDF, CTEQF, and ARRRF.

    OROCF is close to meeting all the requirements to be listed on the NYSE if they so choose. When that happens, I expect the stock to explode.


  2. Hey Jordan I own Exco Technologies and Couche-Tard I like both. I purchased Exco earlier this year around $12 and has since dropped I have been thinking about adding to my position. I also added to my position in Couche-Tard earlier this year so I would recommend that stock as well. I don’t know anything about the other stocks you mentioned.


  3. I’m thinking of investing in Couche-Tard. the weed is legalized, it’s will be sold in Couche-Tard most likely. Lithium is also a promissing story since the demand for lithium batteries will be very high. All car makers plan to have electric car fleet within the next 5 years. That’s a major shift!


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