Gettin’ back on track.

The last couple of months have been insane – but I can confidently say things are slowly getting back to normal and I hope to start posting again on a semi regular basis.  Our house has been sold, we’ve moved into our new home, and we are almost completely settled in.

In preparation for the house sale/purchase I made some changes to my TFSA portfolio (I liquidated some Marijuana stocks) as they were up quite a bit and I wanted to get some new furniture/things for the house without dipping into line of credit.  Once the house sale is processed I will have reached one of my goals for the year (paying off line of credit) as well!

I wasn’t able to post an August update – so here is a quick update for August & September combined:

Personal Highlights for August & September:

  • Moved out of old house and into our new “forever” home.
  • Spent the majority of my last 2 months packing, unpacking, updating addresses and cleaning.
  • Renewed Jets season tickets- went to 2 pre season games. Decided to sell about half the games this year since it will be tough to attend all 41 with 2 kids, playing hockey & soccer and trying to keep a wife..haha
  • Kids Update – Holland loves her new house – finally has room to run around and play and Isaac finally has his own room.


Financial Highlights:

  • Sold off my positions in Aurora Cannabis & Organigram. Took the profits and bought: dining room set, sectional for family room, couch & chaise for living room, new bedroom suite and mattress and a few other things for the house.  Still have some cash left over from the sale of these stocks and will look to redeploy in the coming months.
  • OneReit stock entered into an agreement to SmartReit which would result in shares being cashed out or turned into SmartReit shares. They share price shot up so I cashed out since I didn’t have enough shares to make much of conversion to SmartReit shares.
  • Line of credit will be completely paid off once house sale is processed (next week or two)
  • Although no stock purchases were made over the last 2 months – I’ve continued my regular bi-weekly fund purchases, spousal RSP purchases & and saw a few shares DRIP. With the L.O.C paid off – I am now in the position to start looking to make some more purchases in the coming months.Now on to the fun stuff.


Passive Income Update For August & September:


TFSA dividend income dropped a bit as I cashed out my shares of ONEREIT.

Diversified Royalty: $17.71 (Dripped 6 new shares)

Artis Reit: $97.29 (Dripped 6 new shares)

OneReit: $18.48

Lucara: $7.00

Plaza Reit: $48.45 (Dripped 10 new shares)

Canadian Western Bank: $0.24 (yes you read that right…I still have 1 share of this as I dripped a share after I sold off my
TFSA Total: $189.17 ($99.89 in August, $89.28 in September).


Canadian Equity Income Distribution: $204.16 (Aug) & $205.91 (Sept) for a Total of $410.07

Total Passive Income Aug/September Comibined:  $599.24

Portfolio Update:

My investment portfolio saw a pretty big drop in value as I cashed out about $20,000 from my TFSA.  That said my overall networth didn’t change as my cash on hand & real estate value increased, and my line of credit will soon be 0.

Although my investment portfolio did take a pretty big hit – once I’ve spent a couple months in the new house and determined what all  the bills will be/how much extra cash I’ll have per month I will start looking for opportunities to deploy some cash again.


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