2017 Goals


I’ve never been much for setting goals.  I know that sounds odd – especially for someone with a finance blog who is currently writing a blog post called “2017 Goals”.

It’s not that I am against setting goals, it’s likely more to do with the fact I am not very organized, I tend to procrastinate and mainly due to the fact don’t want to miss meeting one of my goals.

That being said, I know I SHOULD be setting goals on a regular basis, and my first goal will be just that.  With that being said, here are my Personal & Financial Goals for 2017.

Personal Goals

  1. Start setting goals!
    Keep them updated and follow through.  I plan to start small. 5 Personal Goals and 3 Financial Goals for 2017.
  2. Sell our house & buy a new house
    This one should be fairly easy, because I am pretty sure if I don’t follow through on it my wife will divorce me 🙂   With the second child being born, we’ve simply outgrown our current place.
  3. Start a website & keep it updated
    The website has been created – that is the easy part.  Now the hard part. Keep it updated, and do my best to keep it interesting.
  4. Spend more time at home/with family
    I’ve become accustomed to being “out” a lot.  This last year I played on 2 ball hockey teams (40 games) 2 soccer teams (40 games), I was a Winnipeg Jets season ticket holder (41 home games), traveled a bit for work and tried to keep up my social life as well. With a second child at home now I know I need to cut back – but I know it wont be easy.
  5. Try 5 new restaurants (with Amber)
    I always like trying new places to eat & drink.  Amber gets mad/jealous because I tend to go out for meals quite a bit without her whether its while traveling, before or after Jets games, or lunches with work. This one will be fun and force me to be a better husband:)


Financial Goals

  1. Get Amber “set up” financially
    This means setting up a spousal RSP, TFSA, direct investing account and more importantly trying to get her interested in any of the above.
  2. Eliminate all debt (not including mortgage)
    I don’t normally carry any debt, however over the last year I managed to rack some up on my line of credit.  I decided to pay for my Jets tickets in full for next season, and for the first time in my life I took some money out of my line of credit to invest. I am hoping my tax return will cover the cost of the tickets, and ideally i’d like to pay off the portion I used to invest without selling any stocks from my TFSA.
    Current Line of Credit Debt = $20,000.
  3. Get total portfolio Value to $320,000 by December 31
    Obviously this could be completely derailed by a stock market crash – and I won’t be heartbroken if that is the case (just means i can buy more shares for the long haul). It will be a bit tougher to contribute as much this year due to the second child, buying a new house and trying to eliminate line of credit debt..but I guess that’s what goals are for!

I’ll try and post a quarterly update on where I am at with these goals.  Wish me luck!

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